Keeping Fraud at Bay
Prevent, detect, and report fraud at UCSF


Fraud /frôd/• noun 
Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in personal or financial gain

Millions of people and companies are defrauded annually, and the numbers continue to climb as fraudsters develop ever more sophisticated techniques. Victims of fraud face a range of impacts from the loss of financial assets and reputational damage, to negative credit impacts, and the exposure of sensitive health or other data.

For organizations like UCSF, fraud can be committed either internally by employees and managers, or externally by customers, vendors, and other parties.  Watch this video to learn what fraud is, and what you can do about fraud:

We developed this site to help the UCSF community increase knowledge and awareness, and to fight back against fraud. This online toolkit provides current and relevant information that will help answer the questions: